Screw in Pt100 Bolt Sensor
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Screw in Pt100 Bolt Sensor

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Screw in Pt100 Bolt Sensor

Screw in Pt100 Bolt Sensor

Screw in Pt100 Bolt Sensor

Fast response Pt100 bolt resistance temperature detectors
for direct temperature measurement.
The bolt sensor is designed to screw directly into the
application to get a faster response and more accurate
reading than surface measurement sensors.
Available in bolt sizes M6, M8, M10 or M12 with a thread
length of 10mm below the hexagon in either a standard
fixed thread or a swivel style thread. The latter prevents
wires from twisting when screwing the bolt into the
Supplied in class B, these RTDs have a Pt100 Flat film
detector for direct temperature measurement and a 2
metre 7/0.2mm diameter stranded stainless steel overbraid extension cable with 50mm tails. However can be
manufactured in a number of termination options to suit
your application, such as standard and mini plugs.
This range of resistance thermometers can also be bespoke
manufactured with optional Pt1000, 2 or 4 Wire, class A
elements & any cable length, contact us to discuss your


Pt100 Bolt Sensor


  • Pt100 Class B
  • Standard or Swivel types
  • -50 to 250°C
  • M6, M8, M10 & M12 Threads Available


  • Extruder nozzles
  • Bearings
  • Machinery housings

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